About Us

We started this little joint up late in 2015, knowing that our position at the foot of what is arguably the second most climbed hill in the world, would give us a very obvious focus. It was really up to us to try to create both a relaxed atmosphere and friendly service, but also to come up with the type of products cyclists in the middle of a ride, would want.

Healthy grub has always been quite dear to us, so over the last two years our menu has evolved towards the healthy, tasty and nutritious (doesn’t mean you can’t have a well-earned beer, mind you).We also developed our own energy bars-without any cooking or chemicals, and we specialise in juices, again based on local products.

There are of course other options on the menu (bagels, salads, breakfasts, cakes etc), all served in our nice little patio (with parking for bikes) or inside if the weather conspires against us. 

Who are Ruta Verda
Ruta Verda Shop


We like to be a little different so we are one of a very small number of retailers on the island offering Ledzyne Tools, Morgan Blue lubricants and the only one offering the fantastic Stolen Goat Jerseys and Mittens. We also offer a very good selection of vintage caps and vintage socks, sockdoping from The Athletic, Handlebar Moustache, DeFeet and Ornot, and our own super original organic cycling t-shirts. There is also SA RUTA VERDA baby clothing, bidons and brilliant hand-painted retro Cycling Figurines from the famous Fonderie Roger.

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